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Karbelka Spa

Published: 01/11/2011 by Karen in Life Style

Karbelka Spa

Karbelka Spa offers: slimming massages, slimming wraps, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures, full leg wax, bikini wax, brazillian wax, and much more! We have a great special where you can choose three of the above for 1500 THB.
Our contact details:
Telephone: 022551709

Our location:
House 23/16, Sukhumvit soi(street) 10

We look forward to seeing you!
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SIAM ONLINE SHOPPING - International Web-Store

Siam Online Shopping
Based in:
Bangkok / Thailand
Nana Post Office
Postbox 1333
Postcode: 10112
Phnom Penh /Cambodia
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Your Computer- Friend or Foe?

Its true computers make our lives easier by performing many valuable tasks with great precision. But the downside is that they also create great stress in our life to point where our brain and body no longer perform at their best?

Computers are demanding and rigid. They require us to contort our bodies into awkward postures for sustained periods of time typing a precise number of keystrokes or mouse clicks.

Computers won’t budge no matter how much profanity we lob their way. Our frustration leads to muscle tension and anger causing our shoulders to rise above ears and our heads to split.  » Read more..

They all receive frequent chiropractic care.

Here's just couple quotes from these famous people.

Arnold said, “It is truly one of the few professions that really helps people in a straightforward way with no monkey business, like some of the other professions promise to help, but this Chiropractic is the real thing. . ..Chiropractic is about natural, preventive healthcare. . . Whenever I have a problem -- or even if I don't have a problem -- and I go to a Chiropractor, my problems are gone for a long time.”

And Arnold also went on to say, "Bodybuilders and fitness people have been using Chiropractic very extensively in order to stay healthy and fit. I found it was better to go to a Chiropractor before you get injured. We are a perfect team- the world of fitness and the world of Chiropractors."

Tiger Woods said, "Being a chiropractor patient has really helped me immensely. I’ve been going to Chiropractors for as long as I can remember » Read more..

Ouuch! My back is killing me!

A couple of days ago I treated a patient with a flare-up of low back pain. His whole trunk had shifted to the right. After a successful treatment to relieve his pain, I watched in dismay as he bent forward and twisted sideways to pick up his socks, the very action that caused his pain in the first place.  » Read more..

Car ownership in Thailand

Published: 07/15/2010 by Thomas Gennaro in Life Style

Car ownership in Thailand

While public transport is nearly ubiquitous, many people will still want their own car for various reasons, such as exploring on their own, driving to a seaside resort, etc. However, if you haven't made a decision yet on whether or not to rent or buy a car here, bear in mind that driving has considerable risks in Thailand. Most foreign drivers are not accustomed to looking out for motorcycles or to the customary ‘rules of the road’ in Thailand. Be especially careful about motorcycles, as Thailand is full of them and it is fairly easy to cause serious injury or death to someone on a motorcycle.  » Read more..

Found 6 records