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Employment Verification Services A Quick 3-Step Guide

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Employment Verification Services A Quick 3-Step Guide

Published: 01/30/2012 by Tarun Kumar

Step 1 - Objectives
Confirm to set up your background verification objectives up front and certify they are quantifiable. It will make your life a lot easier by having on paper objectives that your whole team can appreciate and rally around. As well to texting your purposes, make sure your objectives are prioritized. Ask yourself questions like “What is most vulnerable: common information of employee?”
Here are two examples of how to determine priorities:
If you are verifying employees of medical industry that will assist in detecting illnesses, and someone could potentially die based on how correctly the candidate works, you may want to make right verification of the ability of candidate a higher priority than verifying for generic industry.
If you are verifying a candidate that will be used for a general manager post, you may want to put the background check services verification aspects of the application that impact the whole team as the highest verifying priority.
Step 2 – Process and Reporting
Ensure that everyone on your employment verification team knows his or her role. Who should report what to whom and when? In other words, define your employment verification process. Use the following questions to help you get started:
How will issues be reported?
Who can assign issues?
How will verification be categorized?
Who needs what report and when do they need it?
Are team meetings scheduled in advance or scheduled as needed?
You may define your verification process and reporting requirements formally or informally, depending on your background screening particular needs. The main point to keep in mind is to organize your team in a way that supports your testing objectives and takes into account the individual personalities on your team. One size never fits all when dealing with people.
Step 3 - Tracking Results
Once you start executing your verification plans, you will probably generate a large number of errors, issues, defects, etc. You will want a way to easily organize, and distribute this information to the appropriate verification team members. You will also need a way to keep management informed on the status of your verification efforts. If your company already has a system in place to track this type of information, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of what’s already in place.
By using an online system, you can make it much easier on yourself by eliminating the fake information.
About Author

Tarun Kumar writes highly informative and researched articles about background verification services for small, medium large companies. Tarun works for Crederity, a leader in employment verification service and background checks services.

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